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4CDA is a boutique data analytics consultancy that is focused on providing automated, meaningful and actionable insights tailored to your organisation and industry.

4CDA services are focused around data analytics strategy, data management and automation, advanced analytics and data visualisation and custom applications.

Analytics Strategy

Working with clients to build internal capability and embed processes needed to support data-driven decision making as a core part of how organisations do business:
4CDA works with our clients to help them grow their analytics maturity and capability from descriptive to prescriptive.

We help businesses deliver on the strategy via dedicated coaching of teams and planning and delivery of programs.

Data Management & Automation

Delivering on a data analytics strategy requires delivery of end-to-end data management and automation platforms.
4CDA understands data quality, and that the opportunity to find insight in data is only feasible if the data is managed and governed.

In creating a single source of truth a solution must encompass the automation of data extraction, transformation, loading and modelling.

Our approach to building end-to-end data management solutions utilises the latest in enterprise and open source technologies to deliver modern data solutions and platforms necessary for scalable advanced analytics platforms of the future.

Advanced Analytics

We employ cutting edge techniques in predictive analytics, prescriptive analytics and artificial intelligence to deliver value to our clients businesses.

Depending on your specific business problem, industry challenges, data quality and volume – we determine the most applicable and robust mathematical techniques to deliver meaningful and interpretable outcomes.

Data Visualisation & Custom Applications

Visualising key data messages in an appealing way requires domain expertise, knowledge of best practice and a keen eye for design.

4CDA has experience working with enterprise visualisation and Business Intelligence tools as well as delivering custom web portals and mobile-optimised web apps.

The combination of domain specific knowledge, data and metric understanding and strong focus on design leads to truly unique and informative visualisations and useful tools for data management, algorithm interaction and data entry.