Aerial shot of several mining trucks parked near an open pit mine

Announcing our partnership with Baringa

4CDA, a mining focussed data analytics firm has announced a strategic partnership with Baringa, a UK-based management consulting firm which is a leading professional services provider in the utilities and energy sector.

The strategic partnership will equip Baringa with a team of metals and mining data analytics professionals located in the mining hot spots of Perth, Western Australia and Denver, Colorado. As digital transformations and various technology implementations sweep across the mining sector, from private equity, to mine site developers on to majors with large producing deposits, the partnership will provide the skills to accelerate the leveraging of new data assets. Clients will directly benefit by improving productivity and visibility of value across the business.

The partnership between the two organisations will bring together a bespoke skillset supporting and developing technology and analytics strategies by way of developing fully automated operational and financial data assets. The collaboration will expand both firm’s offering and capabilities providing a solid foundation for their clients to realise value within each region.

The 4CDA-Baringa partnership is a unique combination. 4CDA’s exposure to the breadth of the mining sector in its subsequent locations, combined with its proven ability to deliver high-value analyses and data assets, provides a unique opportunity for Baringa’s client base. Baringa’s deep experience across asset intensive industries such as utilities and energy will be leveraged in the context of mining and influenced by 4CDA’s direct experience to all clients

Tim Perkins, Managing Director – 4CDA

The partnership creates a mining focussed presence for USA, Australian and UK-based firms and affiliated operations. 

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